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All stays at Marlow's on the Kenai from July 1- August 30 start with a minimum of three nights in a riverfront cabin and two days of guided fishing on the Kenai River. Enjoy all the lodge ammenties and unlimited bank fishing. We provide each guest with rods and reels.  
Customize this base package by adding additional nights stay and specific guided trips for halibut, fly-out fishing, guided birding and photography.

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"Our trip last summer was so successful,and we used about 70 pounds of the salmon for our son's wedding, it was a big hit. We hope to make it up again this next summer."

"A fantastic trip for birding, wildlife viewing and photography"

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Kenai & Kasilof River Alaska, Resurrection Bay and Cook Inlet
Fish For: King Salmon, Halibut, Rainbow Trout, Silver Salmon, Dolly Varden

Fishing Guides

fishing guidesOur fishing guides owe their success to an average of 25 years experience fishing local waters. They are year-round Alaskan residents, USCG licensed, insured, and experts in telling tall tales. We have top quality equipment. Rods by Lamiglass, Sage, and G-Loomis. Reels by Shimano and Penn. The river boats are all 20' welded aluminum sleds and drift boats, powered with quiet Yamaha four stroke outboards, and are meticulously cleaned every day.  Saltwater boats range from 28' aluminum cabin cruisers to our newest boat- the 50' Delta named "Burning Daylight".

Guided Freshwater Fishing

River Fishing

We fish the Kenai and Kasilof rivers for King, sockeye, silver, and pink salmon, trophy rainbow trout, and dolly Varden. All trips are conducted out of welded aluminum vessels designed to carry four passengers in comfort and safety, paired with the finest tackle from Gloomis, Penn, and Shimano. Trips are full day (8 hours) or half day (5 hours). Most charters depart from our lodge, but at certain times when it is more productive charters may depart within 30 miles of our lodge to access different sections of the Kenai or to fish the Kasilof river.

King Salmon

King SalmonWe offer guided King salmon fishing on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. The world record was taken from the Kenai in May of 1985 weighing 97 lbs. 4 oz.. A King salmons fighting strength has to be felt to be believed, and those that have battled these monsters have memories that last a lifetime. We have two runs of Kings entering the local rivers and fishing is typically best late May to mid June and the last half of July. Methods for taking Kings include back bouncing, back trolling, and drifting.

Sockeye Salmon

A.K.A. Red Salmon, average 6-12 lbs. and most of its muscle. These salmon begin to clog the Kenai River in late June and the run ends in mid August. New regulations aimed at protecting these salmon allow nearly one million sockeye to return to the river every summer. Since the Sockeye tend to hug the bank, most fishing is done from the shore. Methods include casting cohoe flies in a style found only on the Kenai River, knowledgeable guides, persistence and a little luck.

Silver Salmon

Three words: acrobatic tackle busters. These fighters are notorious for burning up drags and snapping rods. Silvers average 10-14 lbs., with lunkers nearing 20 lbs. Season begins in early August and ends September 30. Methods include casting spinners, back bouncing, and back trolling. Ask about the Seward Silver Salmon Derby- this salt water fishery is in mid-August, has a six fish limit, non-stop action, and takes place in beautiful Resurrection Bay.

Pink Salmon

Returning in even numbered years in late July through August, Pinks are the single most aggressive salmon that returns to the Kenai. Their sheer numbers and willingness to strike anything shiny makes them a favorite with kids, novice fishermen, and anyone who fishes for the thrill of the catch. Caught by casting spinners and spoons.

Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden

A trip to the Kenai River is not complete without a trout fishing trip. While some sections of the river are fly-fishing only-Rainbow Trout trophy areas, Rainbows are plentiful throughout the river. Last season saw plenty of Rainbows caught and released off our private riverbank between 7 and 14 lbs., and as many smaller Rainbows and Dolly Varden as you had the patience to catch. We provide our guests with trout gear for fishing in front of their cabins.

Guided Saltwater Fishing

Overnight Charters

For anglers wishing to experience a unique Alaskan adventure an overnight charter is sure to produce treasured memories and fantastic fishing.  Departing the port of Seward we cruise out to the fishing grounds, going beyond the range of most of the day fleet. Fishing into the evening, as soon as our first days limits of fish are on board, we run into a protected fjord and drop the anchor for the night. Once the engines are turned off the weary fishermen enjoy a great dinner from the ships galley including fresh fish from the grill before crawling into a bunk for the night.  You will awaken the next morning and enjoy breakfast as we cruise out to the fishing grounds, returning to port late in the day with two limits of fish.  All meals are provided. All fish are filleted aboard ship.  Private parties only- 6 passengers max.


Kenai River Fishing Halibut In 2014 we still have a two halibut daily limit. In our area one of your two halibut must be under 29" in legnth. Pacific Halibut: Both sides of the Kenai Peninsula are home to some of the finest halibut fishing known to man. Limits of halibut weighing between 20 and 50 lbs. are the norm, with halibut between 100 and 300 lbs. coming in daily. Charters leave from Ninilchik, Anchor Point, Homer, and Seward, with every port having its unique advantages: boat size, trip length, travel time, and scenery. We will take you on a halibut trip that matches your specific needs and interests. Combination trips fishing for Halibut, rockfish, salmon, and lingcod are our most popular saltwater trip. Halibut fishing runs from May through September with combo trips having the greatest catch rates in July and August.


Prehistoric denizens of the deep, Lingcod can weigh up to 90 lbs., with half of that being its hideous head and hundreds of razor sharp teeth. Lingcod are highly prized for their aggressive nature, white flesh and delicate flavor.


rockfish32 species of rockfish inhabit the waters of the North Gulf Coast. Rockfish are long lived fragile fish. The limit is four per day and due to their high mortality we recommend you keep the first four you catch. Many anglers consider rockfish to be preferable to halibut. Rockfish have white flesh with a slightly higher oil content.

King and silver salmon

We will troll for king salmon in April, May and June, targeting feeder kings and salmon returning to spawn. White kings are not uncommon. Silver salmon show up in late June in such high numbers the preferred method to target these fish is dead drift mooching.

Fly-out Fishing

Many consider the fly out guided trip to be the quintessential Alaskan Fishing experience. Float planes give access to Alaska's most remote areas. Share the prime fishing holes with brown bears. Run timing varies from that of our local rivers. All fly-outs are weather dependent. We book your fly-outs early in your vacation so you can reschedule if necessary.

Fishing off the river bank at Marlows on the Kenai

We have gone to great lengths and expense at our lodge to provide our limited number of guests the opportunity to fish an incredibly productive section of the Kenai river from the safety and comfort of our welded aluminum fishing platforms. Suitable for young and old anglers, experienced fishermen and novices will have the opportunity to cast for limits of sockeye salmon. We intercept the Russian river reds in mid June and are inundated with Kenai sockeye from mid July through the end of August. Pink salmon are taken on even numbered years.
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