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All stays at Marlow's on the Kenai from July 1- August 30 start with a minimum of three nights in a riverfront cabin and two days of guided fishing on the Kenai River. Enjoy all the lodge ammenties and unlimited bank fishing. We provide each guest with rods and reels.  
Customize this base package by adding additional nights stay and specific guided trips for halibut, fly-out fishing, guided birding and photography.

Starting at $899

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In State: 907-262-5218

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Ken and Judy---
Thanks for a great time! Our stay could not have been better. You are wonderful people and have a great place here on the river. Our thanks to Neil---great fishing trip in Seward, we will be sure to do it all again next year!

Tony and Anthony Maturo

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Your hosts at Marlows on the Kenai

Ken and Judy Marlow,
your hosts at the lodge, are year around residents of Alaska since 1965. Ken is originally from Minnesota, Judy from Michigan. Both are now retired school teachers having taught many years in Alaska. Judy is our chief cook,bookkeeper,organizer, assistant guide, and CEO. Ken's Masters degree in environmental education is still put to good use as he enjoys showing people some of our special places, and especially birds and animals of our area. Ken, a US Coast Guard licensed guide, has access to Neil's fleet of boats for occasional guided fishing trips, but mostly Ken concentrates his guiding on wildlife viewing trips and bird watching and photography. His favorite areas are on the more remote parts of the Kenai river. He is on the Board of Directors of the Kenai River Watershed Forum.

Dan and Leanne Mahalak,
Our daughter Leanne Mahalak has been teaching for the last 14 years, 3 of which were in remote bush villages above the Arctic Circle. She has had some wonderful and exciting experiences and adventures in the far North. She operates the Seward House, a vacation rental with ocean view rooms located one block off the beach in Seward. An avid naturalist, she does local guiding in the summers for birding, wildlife viewing and photography.

Mica and Hazel,
granddaughters, artists, storytellers, elephant wranglers, fly-tiers, pastry chefs.

Neil Marlow,
is our US Coast Guard licensed master guide. He loves fishing and started his guiding business when he was in college. His new 20' Willie Predator that he uses on the Kenai river is powered by a 4 stroke Yamaha. He uses a 20' Willie drift boat for guiding on the middle stretch of the Kenai River and the Kasilof river. He is currently purchasing a new charter vessel that will accommodate overnight guests.

The Marlows have lived all over Alaska, from Sitka, to Fairbanks, to a tiny log cabin on the Yukon River, to a remote Aleut village on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, and for the last 20 years on the banks of the Kenai River. Let us use our experience and local knowledge to assist you with first-hand information on all of your Alaskan destinations.

River ( a.k.a. Riverina )
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