Hi Marlows,

After a wild and unexpected October snow storm I’m home today and sat down on the computer and went to "Marlows-on- the-Kenai’s” website to reminisce about our trip. There I saw a testimonial from another satisfied guest so I just had to send off for you to use if you wish how the Marlows satisfied MY DREAM to take my 5 sons on a fishing trip to Alaska

To one and all if you ever plan to go to Alaska to fish, in our opinion there is only ONE place to stay, MARLOWS-ON-KENAI.

The accommodations, the warm & friendly people, their expert knowledge of where & how to catch fish, every thing that was promised to us was filled well beyond our expectations.

The experience aboard the Burning Daylight, Neil's great cooking, our Fly in trip, float trip down the river, the fly fishing trip, our cook out dinner and the sharing of a great time with other guests.

So I say again THANK YOU Marlows for fulfilling My Dream & until we meet again on the Kenai!

we remain, the Adams Family: Harry-Thom-Rick-Keith -Kevin -Tim